Defense Industry Ties to Media Commentators and Think Tanks That Participated in Syria Debate



The following report documents the industry ties of 22 media commentators, and seven think tanks that participated in the media debate around Syria. These individuals and organizations have strong ties to defense contractors and other defense- and foreign policy-focused firms with a vested interest in the Syria debate, but they were presented to their audiences with a veneer of expertise and independence, as former military officials, retired diplomats, and independent think tanks.

This report details these ties, in addition to documenting the industry backing of think tanks that played a prominent role in the Syria debate. It reveals the extent to which the public discourse around Syria was corrupted by the pervasive influence of the defense industry, to the point where many of the so-called experts appearing on American television screens were actually representatives of companies that profit from heightened US military activity abroad. The threat of war with Syria may or may not have passed, but the threat that these conflicts of interest pose to our public discourse – and our democracy – is still very real.

industry ties-syria-commentators

companies-syria-commentators-think tanks


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4 responses to “Defense Industry Ties to Media Commentators and Think Tanks That Participated in Syria Debate

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  2. Scary how much influence lobbyists and their money can have over our elected representatives’ decisions. It has become more imperative than ever to keep track of what they are voting on and to stay on our representatives through calls and e-mails. Unless our leaders fear their constituents more than their political donors, guess which of us will get their way?

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