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US Targeted Killings 2002-2013 Est. – 461 Drone Strikes, 3,520 Killed, 457 Civilians



In January 2013, we released a report that called on President Obama to reform U.S. targeted killing policies in non-battlefield settings. Included in that report was a chart that estimated the number of strikes, total fatalities, and civilian fatalities through the end of 2012. The data was based on averages within the ranges provided by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism,Long War Journal, and New America Foundation.  We have updated our chart to display all known U.S. targeted killings in non-battlefield settings from the first one on November 3, 2002, through the end of 2013.

Bush/Obama Comparison: Bush: 50 strikes, killing approx. 300 people – Obama: 411 strikes, killing approx. 3,200 people


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LEAKED: 1,350 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Members’ Email Addresses

Council on Foreign Relations


Hacker “Guccifer” has leaked 1,350 names and email addresses of corporate titans, media figures and policy executives who are on the Council on Foreign Relations.

The list includes hundreds of intelligence, defense, government and corporate heavyweights who are members of the New York-based group.

All are contained in a 76-page contact list of CFR members interested in intelligence issues.

The Council on Foreign Relations responded to reports of the hacking by noting that the hack itself was not of the organization’s computer network but of an individual email account that contained the list.

A CFR spokesperson clarified earlier reports by noting the list contained 1,350 names, not 1,500 as sources initially said. CFR also noted that the list contained email addresses, cities of residence and zip codes, but not exact addresses of its members.

The council publishes a list of its members on its website, but does not include email or location information.

Related Link: LEAKED: CFR Newsletter (April 2013), Member Handbook (2012) & Donor Listing (2011-2012)


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LEAKED: CFR Newsletter (April 2013), Member Handbook (2012) & Donor Listing (2011-2012)

Related Link: LEAKED: 1,350 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Members’ Email Addresses


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CFR Cyber Task Force Report: Defending an Open, Global, Secure, and Resilient Internet



Press Release


Can Government Safeguard the Internet?

Is the threat of a “cyber Pearl Harbor” as potent as some have suggested?

Obama, Xi, and Cyberspace

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